Working While On An African Safari

One of the best things about making money online, is that you can literally work from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection, you can stay connected and make money while you travel.

Recently, I was on one of those luxury african safari tours. It was an amazing experience, and not just the safari. The fact that I was able to literally check my emails in the morning, get all of my work out of the way, and go on a safari after lunch… Incredible!

zebras on safari

If you’ve never been to Africa, you absolutely must. It’s such an amazing experience, I can’t even put it into words.

We went on 2 tours, one was a gorilla trek, and the other was a luxury safari where we saw all kinds of animals that I’d only ever seen before in a zoo. It was pretty amazing.

So anyway, enough about that. The point that I’m trying to make is that working online has given me the chance to travel to Africa while making enough money to afford luxury accommodations.

Using my copy paste cash system, I’m making money hand over fist with almost no effort. Life is awesome!

Well, it’s time for me to run. Here’s another motivation video to get you inspired!

Jamie TV – Review of Jamie Lewis’ New TV Show AND $10,000/mo Guarantee

Internet marketer Jamie Lewis has just launched a web-based TV series called JamieTV. The show documents his affiliate marketing methods that have helped him earn over $10 million online.

Jamie is offering access to his VIP coaching for just $37, which is quite a steal when you consider that he’s guaranteeing that you will be earning $10,000 a month within the first 6 months of following his system.

Visit The Official Site:

Jamie TV ReviewI’ve reviewed several of Jamie Lewis’ products before and he always over-delivers. I’m confident that you will learn a lot from Jamie, even if you’ve never made a penny online before.

The strategies for making money online that Jamie teaches are always very easy to follow. He makes sure to break things down, so an absolute beginner can understand what to do. You will not need any previous experience of any kind to be able to implement the methods you learn from JamieTV.

Jamie Lewis is one of the few marketers that you can actually trust. He always appears in his own sales videos, and he always has good information. Most “gurus” just hire actors, reshoot the same gimmicky sales video, and repurpose the same garbage that has never made any of their students a penny.

Just watch the testimonials that jamie gets from his students, and decide for your self if it’s worth a measly $37 to get access to these results…

JamieTV TestimonialThe $37 price tag is a joke. Skip the over-priced coffee you get on the way to work a few times, and use the money that you save to get access to JamieTV. It might actually even help you quit that job that you hate.

And guess what…

If it doesn’t, you can always just refund for the full purchase price. The offer is a complete no-brainer.

Get access to Jamie TV now while you still can for just $37. I have a feeling the price is going to go up. It always does for stuff like this.

What Is The Hangout Doctrine?

The Hangout Doctrine is a system for using Google Hangouts to generate traffic from Google’s search engine.

Ryan McKinney and the Daredevil Marketing team have developed a system for getting ridiculously effective SEO results with Google Hangouts. They can not only rank the Hangout itself in Google for competitive searches, but they also rank other sites and digital assets using Hangouts as well.

It’s a very fascinating system that allows Ryan and his team to completely blanket the first page of Google with their own (or their clients’) websites.

On April 21, Ryan will be offering a free live online training to teach anyone who is interested exactly how his method of ranking Google Hangouts works. For more information, and to register for the event, please visit 

Brian Moran’s Fanpage Funnel EXPOSED!

Facebook FanpageBrain Moran is an expert Facebook marketer. He has had incredible success building a business almost entirely on Facebook. In addition to the success he has had as a marketer, Brian is also very accomplished as an Internet marketing coach.

For the past few years, Brian Moran has taught marketers how to build and grow their online businesses leveraging the power of Facebook.

After constant tweaking and testing, Brian has created the perfect sales funnel using Facebook to target and collect leads and convert those leads into high paying customers. His facebook sales funnel is killer, and is the key to Brian’s success online.

On April 3, Brian is revealing the secrets of his funnel to a few lucky students. This is something that you won’t want to miss out on if you’re at all interested in Facebook marketing. Inside The Fanpage Funnel, you will learn how to completely optimize Facebook fanpages to attract new prospects and turn them into paying customers.

To learn more about the system, visit